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Managing Notification Preferences

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To manage notification preferences on your AI platform, follow these steps:

  1. Accessing Notification Settings: Log in to your account and navigate to the account settings or profile section. Look for a subsection or tab specifically dedicated to notification preferences.
  2. Types of Notifications: Within the notification settings, you will find different categories or types of notifications that you can customize. These may include alerts about trade signals, market updates, account activity, system status, or new features.
  3. Notification For AI: For each notification category, you will have options to choose from. These options typically include receiving notifications via email, Telegram Channel, Telegram Bot, or within the Real-Time of the platform itself.
  4. Selecting Preferences: Review each notification category and select the preferences that best suit your needs. Consider the importance of each notification type and how you prefer to stay informed about relevant updates.
  5. Save Changes: Once you have made your notification preferences selections, remember to save the changes. This ensures that your chosen preferences are applied to your account.
The Notification Settings allows you to stay informed without being overwhelmed by excessive notifications. Regularly review and update your notification preferences as your needs or preferences change.
It’s important to strike a balance between staying informed and avoiding information overload. Users can customize their preferences based on their trading style, goals, and personal preferences to optimize their experience with Tradify AI platform.

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